Macro Photography Monday w/ the Mileneal Classic

Mileneal Classic Rose Gold & White

I recently reviewed the Mileneal Classic on WYCA and was quite impressed with it. The quality of the finishing on the case and hands is superior to many other rose gold watches I’ve reviewed, and considering its sub-$100 MSRP, the finishing quality is quite telling. The Mileneal is a well-made watch indeed.

Mileneal Classic Rose Gold & White

Something being made well shouldn’t be a differentiator. All brands should be made well.

Why would you want to put your name on anything that wasn’t?

Still, I’ve reviewed dozens of watches – many of them small independent brands that leverage crowdfunding – that were made “okay” but certainly not “well”.

In my review on WYCA I noticed that one area where a concession was made is the strap, which scratched easily against my fingernail. I can forgive that, though, since straps are easy to replace (Mileneal encourages this via a quick-release strap).

Mileneal’s first watch, the Classic, is now available on kickstarter for as low as $65.Mandatory plug

Still, I can tell when care and craft have been put into something. It’s abundantly obvious when you start shooting macro, as even speck of dust – let alone imperfection in the build – become glaringly obvious when viewed that closely.

Barring some discoloration on the lugs (due to my sloppy cleaning, not Mileneal’s shoddy construction), you can clearly see the quality of the dial: the uniformity of the rose on the hands, the completeness of the printed markers, and the crispness of the logo. Even the date window was cut well.

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