Up Close & Personal With Seiko

Seiko Prospex Solar World Time Dial

The Seiko I’ve chosen for the featured image is the SSC509 Prospex Solar World Time, and after two weeks, it’s time for me to send it back to Certified Watch Store (I’ve had it on loan). As much as I’m going to miss the sound of the integrated alarm wailing for 20 seconds every night at 6:52 pm, I suppose all good things must come to an end.

Besides, it’s someone else’s turn to “enjoy” the alarm.

Something, Something, Solar Powered

Like the Eco-Drive movements in the Citizen watches I’ve had (two Drive series and a Skyhawk Blue Angels), the Prospex Solar World Time is, you guessed it, solar powered. Also like the Citizens, it has a six-month charge once topped up.

Prospex Solar World Time – SSC509

The solar cell isn’t the only thing I appreciate about the Prospex, though.

The Prospex is, like most of the other Seiko’s I’ve photographed, interesting behind a macro lens. Up close, it’s clean and satisfying. The machining and finishing on all surfaces are free of defects, so when you get close, you can appreciate the mix of textures and engineering.

In other words, more of what I’ve come to expect from Seiko’s.

Budget Ballin’ With the 7S26

My personal collection includes a Recraft SNKM97, a vintage automatic day/date, a vintage mechanical, and an Alpinist. An SNK807 or SNK809 will be joining the lot of them in short order (everyone should have a Seiko 5).

Most of the Seiko’s I’ve handled have had the 7S26 automatic movement. In fact, the 7S26 is probably the most common auto I’ve had in my hands at one point or another. It’s one I really like, though; I know it’s a basic movement, but it’s robust and mechanical. I like it because it’s authentic and not at all disposable.

Plus, Seiko puts the 7S26 in some good looking watches, including the Recraft Series (pictured: SNKM97, SNKN01) and Seiko 5 (pictured: SNK807).

Recraft SNKM97

Recraft SNKN01

Seiko Recraft SNKN01

Seiko 5 SNK807

Seiko 5 SNK807

Lots of Love

Vintage Seiko Mechanical MovementI’ve come to know Seiko as a watchmaker that produces a range of watches across all spans of price points and applications, but in all examples that I’ve worn or wound, they’ve been examples of fine watchmaking. This is also true of my two vintage pieces, which are decades old but still reliable and serviceable.

So with all that in mind, may you have safe travels – Prospex SSC509 – as you make your way to a new wrist. 

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