Who Doesn’t Love a Gold Watch?

Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer

A gold watch is judged by an entirely different set of rules than that of other watches. A gold watch demonstrates success and achievement. Today, a gold watch is the embodiment of modern luxury and contemporary tastes.

Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer

Take the Frederique Constant Classics Business Timeran affordable golden timepiece that just reeks of style and sophistication. Most effective, as it so happens, when gilded.

Bulova 97A121The Bulova 97A121 is another example of where gold elevates a timepiece. This one – a wedding gift for a close friend – tastefully shows off the Miyota automatic. A great looking watch, to be sure.

Modern Tastes Seem to Prefer Rose Gold

At least, it certainly feels that way. Rose gold is seemingly everywhere, on everything, and that includes a multitude of wristwatches. I’m a big fan of rose gold when it’s done right.

Mileneal Classic

The Mileneal Classic, an affordable quartz-powered luxe from an up and coming microbrand, is a beautiful demonstration of rose gold at its best.

Mileneal Classic Rose Gold & WhiteThe depth of the hands is accented significantly by their rose coloring. The Classic is such a simple watch that, thanks to rose gold (and the inclusion of a domed crystal), looks to be worth a multiple of its actual value.

The Fastest Way to Make or Break a Watch is to Add Gold

Gold is a polarizing material, and not just because of the wealth it’s meant to project. Sometimes, its affect works against you. Other times, it completely elevates a timepiece and takes it miles higher than any other singular element could.

Filippo Loretti VeniceThe Filippo Loretti Venice, pictured above, is an example of how an elegant color scheme – gold and navy blue – make something feel luxurious. You’d never know that the Filippo pictured above is priced well under $300.

Miyota 9015 Automatic MovementTake a look at the Miyota 9015 auto inside the case of the Hastings & Co. Heritage Edition prototype. The case and movement complement each other and, in so doing, make the watch feel special.

Is it Time For You to Pick Up a Gold Watch?

When done tastefully, gold is a wonderful material well-suited to the dress requirements in business and formal settings. I think it’s time for me to pick up a new gold watch myself…

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